How to diversify sex life

When the first period is long over and the couple has moved on to the stage of a family relationship, routine can lead to a cooling of feelings and emotions. In such a situation, many may lose the warmth to their partner that they felt at the beginning. Getting used to the other half can lead to a lack of some sparkle in bed, and intimacy will gradually wane. If this outcome is not desirable, it can be prevented. Especially quickly you need to respond in cases where sex becomes like a “marital duty”, the performance of which leads to negative emotions or does not bring pleasure at all. If you even began to notice problems with potency, it makes sense to use the products

It is worth abandoning the classic sex

Constant traditions that you observe in bed can lead to a decrease in libido. This applies when the suggestion of intimacy with your spouse ceases to seem attractive enough. If you are used to having sex with the lights off in the same position – try to change something. You can start foreplay entirely unexpectedly, and after reaching a certain level of arousal, go to the daily routine. This will lead to a persistent desire that will grow into unforgettable sex. You can also change the location, try unusual sex in the bathroom or any other part of the house in which it usually does not happen.

Sexual activity should be regular and that’s true, but if one doesn’t feel like it, you shouldn’t force your partner. If one doesn’t want to, you can wait a couple of days until the mood improves, and give the pleasurable experience a little later.

The psychological factor

Reluctance to have sex can be related to psychology. Heavy, exhausting work, stress, quarrels with your beloved can completely suppress the libido. Such aspects have a huge impact on men – with prolonged exposure to negative factors can develop erectile dysfunction, for the treatment of which you will have to use special medications. If problems begin in bed, they need to be solved. An isolated situation may not seem fatal, but when intimate life gradually collapses, you should not close your eyes to it. After all, the case involves both partners. If stresses and neuroses have too strong an impact, it is worth thinking about buying sedatives (herbal-based). Otherwise, consult a neurologist for a consultation.

Do not argue with your spouse – enough as often as possible to talk heart-to-heart, to find compromises. It is important not to forget to pay attention to a loved one, perhaps she wants something about which she is embarrassed to say. If the family problems can not be solved independently, it is worth to consult a psychologist.

Unsatisfied woman – good or bad?

Scandals at home lead to different results, but if they affect the intimate life, you should try as good as possible to avoid them. After all, if your soulmate does not get the necessary emotions in bed, she will find many reasons to quarrel. It can be the little things that make her “explode” and the next loud clarification of the relationship cannot be avoided. You can use the products of to solve the problem.