What is Danabol

Athletes and bodybuilders are often looking for drugs that will help them achieve meaningful results in the shortest possible time. Correctly selected their composition will allow the body to quickly gain the desired shape and adequately cope with significant physical exertion. In Canada, Danabol is very popular among athletes and trainers , which gives a quick and tangible muscle gain.

What is Danabol , features of the drug:

The drug Danabol is systemically administered anabolic steroid. It is used for gaining muscle mass not only by athletes, but also by patients with muscular dystrophy or dramatically losing weight. The medicine Danabol is also included in a complex of drugs that eliminate the consequences of burns, radiation, operations or injuries.

Danabol Solo is suitable for men only. In women, after taking it, male sexual characteristics (secondary) may appear. The Danabol solo course can also disrupt the menstrual cycle.

Danabol 10 may have, depending on the manufacturer different names: Methane, Dianabol , Danabol , Nerobolum , Naposim , Dbol, Dianabol , Methanoger , Anabolin , Bionabol , Degidrometiltestosteron , Metastenol , Novabol , Perabol , Perbolin , Pronabol , Stenolon , Anaboral , Vanabol « Dianoget “. On our site you can find not only Danabol , but also other equally effective drugs, such as Cytomel.

How Danabol works :

The drug activates the gene structure of cell nuclei, penetrating into them and interacting with them. Due to this, protein synthesis is enhanced, enzymatic chains are activated, which are responsible for supplying tissues with oxygen. Anabolic processes in the body are enhanced, and catabolic processes, on the contrary, are suppressed. Methane has the effect of rapidly increasing muscles, reducing body fat, strengthening bones, and forming a positive nitrogen balance.

How to take Danabol :

It is impossible to start taking the drug immediately after the start of active sports training. Vanabol ” Dianoget ” for beginners will be beneficial only after 2-3 weeks of active physical. exercise after the launch of the necessary physiological processes in the body.

Danabol tablets are available in a dosage of 10 mg / tab. Danabol is recommended to be used in small doses at first, then gradually increasing the dosage. If you start the course of Danabol at once with large doses, unpleasant side effects can be observed due to the sharp invasion of its chemicals into the natural processes of the body. Before starting the Danabol course , a doctor’s consultation is required. After all, there are a number of contraindications associated with some chronic and other diseases.

Danabol 10 mg is taken before meals: at first, 1-1.5 tablets per day, gradually increasing to 3. The maximum daily dose is 5 tablets, but the recommended dose is 3 tablets. After achieving the desired effect, to maintain the results, take 0.5-1 tablets per day. The Danabol course for beginners should last approximately 4 weeks. It can be repeated in 1.5-2 months.

Benefits of the drug:

Dianabol has become so popular among athletes due to its benefits:

  • allows you to quickly gain up to 10-15 kg of muscle mass;
  • stimulates protein synthesis;
  • increases appetite, contributing to the rapid formation of muscle relief;
  • increases strength during exercise;
  • allows you to recover from workouts;
  • stops the breakdown of proteins;
  • strengthens bones, removes joint pain, retaining fluid, phosphorus, nitrogen, sodium in the body, depositing calcium in the bones;
  • improves athletic performance;
  • increases dopamine levels, improving the mood and self-esteem of athletes.

Danabol tablets: contraindications and side effects

The main contraindications for Danabol are under 21 years of age and a number of diseases:

  • coronary artery disease;
  • oncology of the prostate;
  • vascular pathology;
  • prostatitis in any form.

It is not recommended to carry out a course of Danabol solo in case of intolerance to its components. Do not take Danabol 10 together with alcohol. This increases the load on the liver, retains fats in the body, and gives side effects.

Danabol side effects occur mainly due to exceeding the permissible dose. They are expressed in :

  • gynecomastia – hypertrophy of the fatty tissue of the breast. This is due to the conversion of some of the anabolic to estrogen . To avoid this effect, you need to take Nolvadex or Clomid (10mg / day at any time); 
  • water retention – should not be taken immediately before a competition. After the end of the course, weight may decrease due to the elimination of fluid;
  • hypertension – treated with antihypertensive drugs;
  • impaired liver function;
  • atherosclerosis ;
  • bone pain;
  • edema ;
  • dyspepsia.

However , if you take Danabol following the instructions for use, all of the above side effects can be avoided.

Danabol solo – the course is over, what to do next?

After the course therapy is carried out 2-3 days after its completion. Starts receiving Tamoxifen (10-20 mg / day .) Or Clomid (25-50 mg / day .). The duration of therapy is 3-4 weeks . In the last week, the volume of drugs is gradually decreasing. You should also take testosterone boosters.