Cash Out Refinance

Cash Out Refinancing allows you to unlock the accumulated equity you have in your property and gain access to it in cash – even if you have bad credit a bad credit mortgages refinance may be possible. Refinancing with cash out provides an excellent means of raising capital or liquid cash for any purpose you may need and has the advantage of being cheaper than personal loans or unsecured loans, as the debt is secured against your property as part of the mortgage. There are a number of lenders who can help you, but in order to arrange a cash-out refinance you must have equity in the property the loan is secured against.  

Cash Out Refinance as Debt Consolidation/Settlement 

Refinancing with cash out in order to consolidate or settle higher interest debts like credit cards, personal loans, payday loans or overdrafts is an excellent idea.  Because the refinance is simply an increase of your mortgage, the interest rates are dramatically lower than other types of debt.  If you get behind on your credit card or personal loan payments you will be charged huge interest rates and fees, as well as suffering damage to your credit score.  Using a Cash Out Refinance as a way of paying off these debts just makes good sense.  It’s also simple – arrange the refinance, then just keep paying your mortgage, no extra payments to keep track of.  Think of a cashout refinance as a Debt Consolidation Loan with an ultra low interest rate that will get you debt free immediately. 

Other uses for a CashOut Refinance 

Because a Cash Out refinance provides you with cash that is immediately available, you can use it for any purpose you wish to.   Common uses are to consolidate debts, fund renovations, pay for a childs education, fund a new business venture or investment or pay for a special event such as a wedding or honeymoon.  You can use the proceeds of your refinance for whatever you want, there are as many uses for this type of refinance as there are for cash itself!

Cash Out Refinance  Vs HELOC or Equity Loans

Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC’s) and Equity Loans also provide a means of gaining access to the accumulated equity you have in your home, by way of creating a second loan which is separate to your main mortgage.  However, as these are “second mortgages” and can be with different lenders than your main mortgage, they are often at significantly higher interest rates given that they are less secure than the primary mortgage.  Cash out refinance avoids these increased costs while still providing instant access to your equity.  In the current financial climate minimising interest charges is of key importance so if you are looking at raising funds, you should consider a cash out refinance as your first option.  Dont believe us?  Check out the Refinance guide published by the Federal Reserve – there’a  link at the bottom of the page.