Gambling according to the Fibonacci system

As is known, the vast majority of experienced casino players use in the game certain proven strategies that, in their subjective opinion, bring the maximum profit on a long series. In parsing these strategies, you can make sure that these are different mathematical progressions invented long before the emergence of gambling establishments. Some of them, of course, modified and adjusted for the situation in the game, but have a similar basis.

It is clear that no known gambling world strategy can not be 100% likely to ensure that the player profit in the casino, but they can be used to manage their bankroll more intelligently, and hang out longer than usual in the game, even in the most unsuccessful results. Along with the most popular Martingale strategy, the game is also known in wide circles on the Fibonacci system. If you want to start gambling, first of all you need to find a reliable site. You can do this at

The Fibonacci Number System

Fibonacci is a name we know from school. Certainly we were told about the Fibonacci sequence there. But it is no secret that any inventions can be used in different ways, and even, at times, it is possible to link seemingly impossible – online casinos and the Fibonacci sequence. If we compare the “game” Fibonacci sequence and the mathematical sequence, their difference is only in the replacement of the first element from 0 to 1.

Playing in the casino according to the Fibonacci system

Playing by Fibonacci tactics is a positive progression, which means that when the next loss the player consistently moves one step forward, and if the circumstances are successful, retreats two points to the beginning. If after the start of the game the player returns to the initial value, the strategy makes a full circle and is renewed. This point is called the point of no return and if it is not possible to gain an advantage before it, the money for a full circle is lost forever. For example, playing roulette and winning only 8 times (bet – 21, win – 42) need to go back 2 numbers and the next time to put only 8. And so on!

Most effective system Fibonacci shows in such games: roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat. Although some players have doubts about this, and point to its effectiveness only in games with odds of 1 to 1. Fibonacci system is relatively simple, although more complicated than the classic Martingale. The advantage of Fibonacci strategy over the usual doubling is that the bet size grows slower, so you will try to exhaust the game bank longer, and you will find it more difficult to reach the betting limit. However, you should keep in mind that a series of losses is also possible, and then you will have to constantly play at high stakes.


Summing up, it is safe to say that following this system it is impossible to win back what you lost and increase your bankroll significantly, but it gives you a chance to win some good money for medium distances. Fibonacci system is a perfect solution for those who appreciate calculation and are not in a hurry. The balance of your playing account is under control with this system, and you can be sure that your account will not be empty in a matter of minutes. And with the right approach, the Fibonacci system also allows you to get rich.

The main thing to always make smart decisions and stop in time at a long black bar! If you want to increase your chances of success, you need to use only verified online casinos. You can find the rating of the best online casinos at This will help you choose a reliable site to play at.