How to choose a lawyer?

If you have health problems, you go to the doctor. There are no problems with finding a doctor; depending on your preferences and financial situation, you will probably make an appointment at the nearest health center, take advantage of paid insurance or visit a private medical institution. This is not the case if you need a specialist to help you solve a legal problem, such as a lawyer. There are no law offices that operate according to the principle of being assigned to a particular territory, and it is not customary to pay for such cases at work.

Meanwhile, in comparison with health problems, a qualified resolution of a legal problem is often for a particular citizen is not less, if not more momentous value. Paradoxically, but the deprivation of liberty, loss of property and other consequences of legal disputes and criminal cases are experienced by people much more difficult than the loss of a tooth or even vision. After all, there are often situations where the chosen specialist may not be honest. For example, you can find such a situation in this article

Choosing a lawyer

In such realities, the first and one of the most important questions that have to be solved when courts, investigators, interrogators and other attributes of the legal conflict appear in your life is the search and choice of a lawyer. You should keep in mind that the lawyer is not any lawyer, but only the one who, after passing the qualification exam and swearing an oath, was awarded the status of a lawyer. The lawyer’s certificate is an external confirmation of a person’s advocate’s status. The relevant registers are in the public domain, available on the official websites of the chambers of lawyers and are constantly updated.

The availability of a person with the status of a lawyer is an additional guarantee of an appropriate higher qualification of a lawyer. Requesting the assistance of a lawyer also gives you additional guarantees of protection from unprofessional or illegal actions of a specialist, your relationship with the lawyer, the documents and information submitted to him apply the preferences of the legislation concerning the attorney-client privilege, protection of confidentiality of information. Decide whom to choose for the resolution of this or that legal problem, an ordinary lawyer or a lawyer, only you. However, you should take into account that in order to participate in certain legal relations is not allowed to an ordinary lawyer.

Thus, only a lawyer has the right to act as a defender in criminal proceedings at the stage of investigation of a criminal case, as well as in court (in the court is allowed to participate as a defender close relatives or other persons along with a lawyer and on the basis of a court decision, and in the magistrates’ court – and instead of a lawyer). Law enforcement officials will not communicate with a lawyer who does not have the status of a lawyer, and during the investigation, as well as in the proceedings on a case of an administrative offense. The exception is when a lawyer is authorized to represent the interests of the applicant organization.